CARE & Planning for Hospitals Co. Ltd.

CARE is committed to meeting the growing demand for expert project management solutions for medical equipment turnkey projects, complex healthcare delivery solutions, and healthcare IT.


To help improve our customers’ outcomes

Our Guiding Principles:

We constantly strive to balance the interest of our stakeholders i.e. customers, employees, owners and suppliers/partners in every decision we make.

Our customers are our first priority. We focus on providing them with quality, value for money and timely deliverables.

We are committed to doing a better job than our competitors while incorporating efficiency and innovation, exploring every avenue, leaving no stone unturned.

Our approach is based on understanding our customer’s concerns so we can tailor a solution that adds value to their business.

We support each other by working together as a team and treating each other with the same importance we treat our customers.

We hold ourselves and our company accountable, and treat every customer, employee, partner and shareholder with fairness and dignity.